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The Atheist Empire

Posted by theatheistempire on February 9, 2007

Welcome to The Atheist Empire

This blog functions as a record of the activities and plans of The Atheist Empire group based in Liverpool. The Group at the moment is not formed and is founded by myself. I am waiting for the new improvements that are being made to the meeting quarters in Bold St so that I can fully promote my ideas and establish a firm base. The meeting quarters is shared by other groups, rights activists, etc, etc. The Atheist Empire runs in association with The Friedrich Nietzsche Appreciation Society.

The Atheist Empire movement is set to begin in the summer months probably earlier if possible. This will be our most active time. Our aim is to provide fellowship to other atheists and non/un-believers living in a religiously dogmatic society.

 To see The Atheist Empire Manifesto and work-pack please visit here.

The site will updated whenever it needs to be. All activities will be announced on this blog as well as Feedback from members and the general public. We will keep you updated as much as possible as the empire takes on a more physical form.


Martyn Blackburn (Site Author)       


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