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Attacked by a Christian trumpet player

Posted by theatheistempire on February 13, 2007

So my day begins tomorrow with getting a few things printed and going out on the streets of Liverpool promoting my atheism….without permission, I should say. And if I see the old bill I will most likely make a run for it. Mind you there are plenty of stall holders without licences and there are plenty of vegetarian and “Stop the War Coalition” people here doing what they do without permission.
I have done this before though; I have deliberately gone out and used my pasting table, gathered some info and some pictures and see what happens. I got attacked by a trumpet player and I had been out there no less than 20 minutes! Liverpool is rife for dangerous Christians – poisonous to the core of their spirit. This trumpet player guy was scruffy, fat and totally lacking in dental hygiene, he was gruff and malignant right through. He shook his fists at me saying “You fucking queer! How dare you insult my religion. You don`t know anything about it. I`ll kill you…fff” He followed me for 10 minutes whilst I ran around with a pasting table.
I managed to get the attention of the police because I thought this trumpet player was intent on actually killing me. He disappeared when he caught site of the old Bill and after much explaining to PC Denton and WPC Harvey I got arrested for breach of the peace and a caution under the “Incitement to Religious Hatred” law/act. You think you Americans have problems with your laws! Ours are just as bad; they are subtle and arbitrary and that probably makes them worse. It is true that an honest man can easily be made into a criminal so I have accepted that at some point I will have to break the law and the best way is to just not get caught.


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