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Faith makes stupid.

Posted by theatheistempire on February 13, 2007

I find the words ‘open’ ‘honest’ and ‘faith’ to be some kind of comedy that would make even Shakespeare die of laughter. The commandment ‘love thy neighbour’ is not exclusive to Christianity – it was not even Jesus`s teaching – it came from the teachings of Lao Tzu and Confucius which were brought to the libraries of Alexandria as Jewish pagan centre for learning. Subsequently the library was burnt down by Christians – thousands of books were burnt, teachings lost but those Christians knew what they were doing when they burnt that library -it was all part of the big plan.

Jesus was a mythical pagan figure brought to the Jews after Judaism failed. The Jews already had Joshua their messiah but Judaism was clearly dieing on its knees as Judea, Palestine and Jerusalem became more and more Hellenised. With the help of St. Paul [Christian scribes like Eusebius fabricate-identified Paul with Saul of Tarsus from the works of Jospehus] Paul brought the element of the Logos into Gnostic Christianity and as Paul tells the Brethren: “we have come with the mysteries of Sophia”. The Christ [Christos in Greek] was set up as a mythical figure encoded with secret messages just like those that can be found in the cult of Dionysus, Horus and Osiris who incidently in the case of Dionysus was born from Semele a virgin mother, in the case of Horus born from the virgin womb of Isis, Dionysus-Osiris was killed by authorities similar in status to Roman viceroy Pontius Pilate, and in the case of Dionysus-Osiris was crucified for the forgiveness of sins of the community, risen from the dead and performed miracles.

All this info is compelling to me to say the least but stupidity and arrogance is rife and many of the adherents of our precious religions continue to be unmoved by this info and simply refute it on the grounds that it is inconsistent with their accursed subjective viewpoint. Historical information means nothing to these parasites of humanity. Grow and learn and and “the truth will set you free” but if you don`t learn you won`t grow. Common sense if you ask me.

Freidrich Nietzsche once quoted “faith” means the will to avoid knowing what is true” and how right he is!


2 Responses to “Faith makes stupid.”

  1. Bhava dasa said

    Freidrich Nietzsche once quoted “faith” means the will to avoid knowing what is true” and how right he is!

    Faith is the fundamental prerequisite for knowing…

    You have faith in the words of Nietzsche, and express it by stating, “how right he is!” You believe he is right–you have faith in it–you know it! Yet, according to this very ideology of Nietzsche, you are guilty in avoiding “knowing what is true”. This is your paradox.

    …Unless you somehow develop some faith in God, you will never know Him

  2. I think you have attempted to use a different definition of the word “faith” in your argument against Nietzsche`s proposition about faith. I don`t have faith in the words of Nietzsche – I merely regard them as true or not true as a matter of opinion. I believe he is right, yes, in this instance that faith means “a looking away” to avoid facing what is likely to be the case: in this context and by way of example “faith” alongside the idea that Christ died for sins; it is merely an idea that comes into Christianity as a mechanism for evangelism: that is to say at the time when the early Christian Church felt the urgent need to commandeer a world of Greek sophistry so as to fight back the furore of criticism from the pagans concerning their saviour and messiah. One believes it to be true even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary fact and it is there where faith is felt most strongly because you dearly hope that the contrary fact is indeed not true and cannot be true. Since your belief rests on mere faith and a whole load of hallowed lies and pious retrograde you cannot answer the question “what is true?”; any answer would work your donwfall, for sure.

    It is rather easy to say that unless you develop some faith in God, you will never know him. As if the degree to which one neccessarily knows him is proportionate to the degree of faith therewith developed. The question about God is not a meaningful question. Try to define God? You can`t. There is no definition of God; indeed cannot be any definition of him. The Hindu sees Shiva; the Buddhist will see the buddha [a kind of God]; the Christian will see his God; the Jew will see Yaweh; and the Mithran will see Mithra. Its about seeing what you want to see and by not putting too many blocks in the way in seeing it and then when you have seen it you try to rationalise it and identify that with knowledge you have collected elsewhere either from a book or from a televsion or something like that. If you are a Hindu you will identify that with your cultural input…that sort of thing.

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