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Posted by theatheistempire on February 13, 2007

You are probably wondering why I got arrested that day [see post below]. Apparently the word “immoral” used in reference to Christianity or any faith or religion for that matter is an incitement to hatred. This is madness!! I don`t hate Christianity. I just think it is false, a vestige of the past, a good story, a moral seduction, a myth, etc, etc.
I used an image of a face with a crucifix strapped over the eyes and mouth and this was to show the most peoples beliefs blind them and prevent them from seeing ‘the truth’ [‘the truth’: the historical facts, for example]. One woman who was a Catholic found this to be offensive and told me I will go to hell. I usually just laugh in my head when they say that. If they can`t or will not strike up an intelligent conversation with me about what I am doing and why I am doing it then whatever they say will no doubt be a mark of their own canker conscience.

I keep on telling everybody that in talking and listening to the adherents of our religions we atheists, agnostics, humanists and unbelievers know a lot more about their religion than they actually do. One old woman who had been a Christian all her life was flabbergasted and dumbstruck when I mentioned to her the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Judas: “Oh I didn`t know there was a Gospel of Mary Magdalene…” and at that point she was actually ushered away by some nearby Christians from the Church of Jesus Christ.

The people from the Church of Jesus Christ know me; they know I am an atheist and they know I have a lot of knowledge and they don`t like me approaching their ‘faithful brethren’. They don`t attack me in anyway but they prefer to go up to the person I am talking with and slowly usher them away with their picturesque leaflet of Jesus holding a lamb..awwww!
They don`t know about my AtheistEmpire however but we shall wait and see. These Christians are called missionaries and from what I can gather they all seem lost; they cling to this Jesus guy who they hope will bring them some relief from their earthly existence and struggle. They also carry off physical stiffness and they lack a sense of humour and personal efficacy.


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