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Funky Christians.

Posted by theatheistempire on February 13, 2007

Didn` get round to doing the pasting table thing but I did manage to hand out a few leaflets. There were a Christian gospel group already there when I arrived – lucky me!

Now I know you shouldn`t judge people on their looks but often I have wondered why so many Christians are unhealthy. All of the Gospel Christians there today were the most odd looking people I have ever seen – black teeth, glazed-over eyes. Most of them had some kind of physical symptom. They had pot-bellies. One guy was so thin and pale; he was wasting away! They couldn`t even talk properly; couldn`t hold any kind of meaningful conversation. They stood on the spot drained of all vitality and life. They started dancing rather pathetically in the street to their gospel rap outpouring; it was bizaare!


Young people crowded around these Christians but they were obviously taking the mickie out of them. One of their leaders – pale, thin, gaunt and lacking in vitality approached a group of goths and pronounced he had seen heaven and Jesus. He was met with a barrage of laughter and insults. Then I shouted “No historical evidence for Jesus Christ….Jesus never existed….Christianity: a false piety!” and they came running to me saying “hey, that guy over there says he has seen heaven and we are all laughing at him”.

 This Gospel Christian group is probably my main opposition. They come out to the city centre almost every Saturday and they never fail to bring their speakers and microphones with them. You should hear some of the things they were singing: “Jesus wants your body….he is alive today…..blah blah blah” and  a few words about some “light”, a “sacrifice” and “the bible”.

 My leaflets consisted of 7 points showing historical information about the Christian religion – how they managed to pen their God from the remnants of other pagan cults. It mentioned the bible and how they were written in the Midrashic style and I mentioned all the inconsistencies, the fabrications, the lies and whatever else doesn`t match up. I mentioned the Essenes, the Nazaroi, and Yeishu ben Ha-Notzri and many others.  I gave a leaflet to one of the Christians there and five minutes later he came to me telling me I am going to hell and that this is the work of the devil. He proceeded further by screwing up the leaflet and giving it me back.

 The fun lasted for 20 minutes by then I had ran out of leaflets to give out. I just left and headed for home.


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Posted by theatheistempire on February 9, 2007

Welcome to

Welcome to The Atheist Empire of Liverpool Blog!

My name is Martyn Blackburn and I have been living in Liverpool for over two years now. In the past my atheism has taken a back seat and I have been pursuing a career in the fitness industry with poor results. Right now my career goals have changed slightly and I`m on the lookout for any type of work. In the meantime I am devoting all my time to promoting atheism in Liverpool.
Liverpool does not have any kind of atheist group or society – none that I know of anyway. I have noticed over the past year a furore of Christian groups popping up like mushrooms and coming out on the streets in a bid to win converts. These groups inlcude missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints and Gospel rock-groups and some megaphone blasting evangelists. English Christianity is quite subtle and seductive [masked by alcoholic excess and pangs of conscience] and for that reason all the more ‘poisonous’ than that of American Christianity [American Christianity is probably more ‘dangerous’].

Before I ‘became’ an atheist I flirted much with Christianity whilst I was in my early teens but I settled for Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism in my late teens and twenties. Meditation practise was getting me no where and Buddhism made me fickle. I was weak, exhausted, and a total doormat to everyone – no self confidence whatsoever! Then I went to the gym, got fit, gained muscle and gained a more healthier outlook on life. I read the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and his Will To Power which inspired me to keep on being strong and keep on facing life; reality head on and not escape into fantasy and myth. I read Bertrand Russel who is most definately an agnostic/atheist and I liked Russell`s ideas. And that`s it really.

Right now I`m looking to organise some kind of atheist group in Liverpool. I have penned a manifesto which I will give the link to on this very blog. All will become clear there.
Right now I`m looking for people who are interested in supporting me in this role. I dare say it is a huge task and it might be somewhat dangerous but I like the danger element; I like the fife and drum!

Our group should consist of atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc, ect. We don`t accept Christians obviously. We will not be trying to ‘convert’ people – our aim would be to unite and enlighten.

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The Atheist Empire

Posted by theatheistempire on February 9, 2007

Welcome to The Atheist Empire

This blog functions as a record of the activities and plans of The Atheist Empire group based in Liverpool. The Group at the moment is not formed and is founded by myself. I am waiting for the new improvements that are being made to the meeting quarters in Bold St so that I can fully promote my ideas and establish a firm base. The meeting quarters is shared by other groups, rights activists, etc, etc. The Atheist Empire runs in association with The Friedrich Nietzsche Appreciation Society.

The Atheist Empire movement is set to begin in the summer months probably earlier if possible. This will be our most active time. Our aim is to provide fellowship to other atheists and non/un-believers living in a religiously dogmatic society.

 To see The Atheist Empire Manifesto and work-pack please visit here.

The site will updated whenever it needs to be. All activities will be announced on this blog as well as Feedback from members and the general public. We will keep you updated as much as possible as the empire takes on a more physical form.


Martyn Blackburn (Site Author)       

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