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The Atheist Empire Syllabus

The Atheist Empire Syllabus 

The refutation of Christianity is one of the main concerns of the Atheist Empire because Liverpool is predominantly Christian and Catholic. Islam will also be refuted as part of the syllabus. 

For Christianity our sources could include internet sites that offer valuable information:

…..and including the many Atheist, Agnostic and Humanist websites available on the net. Other information sources could include books and papers: 

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

The God who wasn`t there by

The missing Jesus by

The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine 

Refuting a religion is not against the law if you do it intelligently and you know what you can get away with. Compared to the appaling history of our religions we really can`t do any harm even if we use words, quotes and pictures that may cause offence. To incite hatred is of course illegal however we are committed to refuting religion wherever and whenever we can and the means will justify the ends. 

Campaign Details:

We intend to use leaflets of A3 and A4 posters and placards. We believe in peaceful protest and we don`t try to convert  -we enlighten and educate. Due to the bylaws that prohibit the distribution of leaflets in the city center our leaflets are given to the public when they come to us. We will be observant and mindful of any litter dropped that can be traced to us and we accpet all responsibility.  We will operate on Fridays and Saturdays. On one day we may gather in the forum/room/ to discuss opinions, outline our goals and intentions and make a strong group connection. Refreshments will be available. On another day we will be active and go out and promote the group, try to get members, and show our solidarity.

Our group is based in Liverpool and our group will operate in the city center.If we encounter opposition then we will remain strong, committed and peaceful in our demonstration and show them the superiority of reason, common sense, historical analysis and knowledge. 

We will emphasize the message that intelligence is far superior to faith.

We will assert our rights not to be indoctrinated by insidious religious interpretations concerning morals and ethics, conduct, happiness, well-being, life and death and the universe.

We will assert the fundamental right to disbelieve and for our children, friends and family the right to disbelieve.

We will refute all universal moral principles and assert that morality, understanding, compassion and benevolence comes from human interaction and not by some punishing God upon high. 

Most of all:

P We believe that faith and hope is not a strength for faith is powerless when compared to someone who can face life head-on with all its troubles and tribulations without positing a supernatural existence in a world beyond which you call hope.

P We believe that hope prolongs pain and sedates pleasure and we believe that hope (as is faith) is dangerous and destructive for our fellow humans when pain is prepondered over pleasure as a course of spiritual or religious necessity.

P We distrust all those who wish to punish us and use their God as divine stamp for the justification of their hell and damnation judgement. P We distrust all those who are compelled to disgrace the face of human freedom whether it be in matters of sexual orientation, in matters concerning choice whether to believe or not, in matters of the free intelligence and free historical sense learning, in matters of scientific progress and human interaction and personal beheaviour as well as lifestyle choices and the right to express opinions and to the right to expound one`s opinions.

P We distrust all untried and untested religious doctrines that embody the notions of sin and sinning. Such a doctrine will do harm to the young, the imaginative, the happy-free and will poison the intelligence of the individual; guilt kills all learning!

P We distrust all those religions and religious people who embellish their perilous religious or spiritual doctrines by moral persuasion and hide their crude make-believe stories and fables under the deception of so-called benevolent and good-will actions.

P Wherever and whenever possible we will make use of atheist principles to assert our right and the rights of every individual to disbelieve.

P We emphasis the importance of shelving old out-dated modes of thinking and those out-dated traditions that halt the progress of intelligence and human understanding.

P We emphasize the importance of working for our own happiness and well-being and this includes the ability to reist all religious answers to the questions of life. It includes the ability to resist the threat of moral persuasion and the poisonous facade of the do-gooder who posits that only the believer can do good. We emphasize the importance of strength and personal efficacy without robbing ourselves of vitality and life by being pre-occupied with death and religious morbidity.

P We distrust all those who pity us ; they believe that ignorance is a condition of having no faith in God. Ignorance is a condition of belief where proof and an overwhelming probability value is given and then denied by a point of enquiry which aims at God and the afterlife. A turning away from knowledge is ignorance not a lack of faith! Pity multiplies suffering because humans are liable to experience the effects of pity by making their Will aim towards stiffling progress towards newer and better ways to live and work for prosperity and peace of mind.

P We believe that humans do bad and good things. Where they do good we praise, respectively. Where they do bad we understand and move on or allow room for opportunities to arise where understand can once again be felt. We don`t punish! We believe that where religions do good we understand a component;  ‘faculty’ of human benevolence but we also understand how that human ‘faculty’ is covered over by erroneous interpretations that put the religious or religions under favourable light. 

P We refute all religions based upon the premise that they are either immoral and therefore an impediment to progress both in human understanding and the free-intelligence or that they are historically untrue or that the likelyhood of them being true is given a poor probability value.

P We acknowledge that many people need their faith and we respect their right to have them and to have an opinion based such a faith. We are not interested in what you believe so much as when you declare that believe as evidential by way of a lack of proof whether historical or empirical or by interpretation, imposition and influence that would stiffle the minds of the young and therefore poison the free-intelliegence needed for advancement in both morality and ethical values.  See also The Pocket Refute Guide to Christianity. 

Note: Not all members need to be committed to the goals but if they wish to be committed then all the better for the group and for its message. Our message is fundamental to our cause and it can be found headed under The Golden Principle in the AE Work-pack.


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